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IFA-ASIA Testimonials

The unsolicited testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with high quality service and excellent returns on your investments is our driving force.

Here's what our client's have to say about our IFA-ASIA Consultants:

“Ricky took over as my financial advisor about a year ago when the manager of my pension plan disappeared. I am very impressed with his honesty and diligence. He gives excellent advice which is clear and easy to understand. He actually listens carefully and gave me a policy that fits my financial needs. He never pushes all sorts of unnecessary pricey products. I definitely recommend his services.” November 1, 2012
Kristin - Consultant

Ricky has been an attentive and extremely honest financial adviser for three years for me. He has always performed in a most professional manner with his clients' interests at heart.
I recommend him without reservation
June 27, 2008
John - International School Teacher.

“I think Ricky's very personable and reasonable person. He does a good job understanding my needs and my financial plans.June 29, 2008
Masayuki - Training Professional

Ricky is by far the best financial advisor I have had. Unlike many people in his trade, he is scrupulously honest and truly attempts to find the financial products that are right for you, rather than the ones that bring him the highest commission. With Ricky the service is also maintained after you have bought a plan - another difference with others I have dealt with. Ricky provides extremely high quality service and answers all queries promptly.
The bottom line is that he is an advisor you can trust!”
November 1, 2010
Gordon - Principal International School

Ricky has been working as Financial Advisor for me since 2007 and I never had a reason to complain about his services. He is extremely dedicated to his clients, giving advices based on each client needs and expectations. I totally recommend his services.” July 20, 2008
Shinji - IT Professional

“I have appreciated the financial services Ricky has provided me with. As a relative novice, he took the time to educate me and take into consideration my personal needs and limitations, which led to a very good solution. Ricky as always been attentive and responsive, which adds extra value. I wish him continued success!"  March 17, 2009
Naomi -
Training Professional

"Ricky has been very informative, helpful and responsive. It's a pleasure to recommend his services.” August 17, 2006
Benjamin - Attorney US.

“Having had prior long term investments and dealings with other financial advisors, I can say that I am extremely happy with the level of service and advice provided by RickyMarch 8, 2006
Mark - Engineer

"Ricky has been excellent both in terms of his knowledge of financial markets and ability to deliver results. Ricky is always on time and takes great pains to explain the finer points on investment to clients in a way that is easy to understand. Ricky's honesty and integrity set him apart in a field where I, as a client, have often found those qualities to be lacking at times and would readily recommend him to anyone.” January 22, 2007
Alastair  - Journalist

"Ricky is highly professional and fully dedicated to his clients. He has always been very proactive, informing me of trends and changes in the stock markets. He knows how to build a long term relationship and I know I can trust him 100%. August 21, 2007
Davide - IT Professional

"Ricky has provided excellent financial advice to me over the past year. He has been thorough and attentive in assessing my personal needs and has arranged what I consider to be a very robust investment strategy for me. I trust Ricky to be monitoring the progress of my investments (as I don't always have time to nor do I understand the issues as well as he does) and he contacts me regularly. I thoroughly recommend his services.” August 21, 2007
Marc - Lawyer (Tokyo)