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Savings & Investments

At IFA-ASIA , investing is driven by your needs rather than by our products.

  • Is your wealth highly liquid, overly concentrated, or is it tied up in one or more business or partnership?
  • How is your wealth structured?
  • Is the return generated by your portfolio appropriate for the amount of risk you bear?
  • What is your time horizon for achieving your investment goals?
  • How directly do you want to be involved in managing your portfolio?
  • Would you like to minimize taxes?

Once we know the answers to such questions, we help design an investment strategy tailored to your needs. If your business requires you to put your own capital at risk, for example, your portfolio should be structured accordingly.  Your situation and your goals are unique; we believe your investments should be too.

Drawing on our own extensive research into long-term market trends, we will create an asset allocation framework that encompasses your financial assets.

After examining your needs, goals, and tolerance for risk, we can help you find the balance that is right for you.

For more information on investing with IFA-ASIA, contact us.