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Portfolio Management
Are you happy with the existing relationship with your adviser?

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IFA-Asia can assist you with your existing plans and investments.

We can manage these investments in line with your aspirations to ensure that they remain on track to achieve your goals.

To transfer your plans from your financial adviser to IFA-ASIA is a simple process and has no impact on your investment in the form of additional costs.

We will even take over the management services for FREE for the first year to ensure that you are satisfied.

IFA-ASIA also provide online access to all your plans under one website. We collate all the information under our IFA-ASIA ONLINE service and then you can view all your information easily as regularly as you wish.

We also make our promise to you that "should you trust us with your portfolio, we will never buy commission bearing assets"

IFA-ASIA  is an independent financial advisor that provides wealth management by utilizing risk-appropriate, returns-optimized, globally diversified and tax-managed portfolios. We base this on extensive research. This research leads our clients to the optimal money management strategy. 

Our investment strategy employs a disciplined, quantitative approach, emphasizing broad diversification and consistent exposure to the global markets.

Private Wealth Management Solutions for A Range of High Net Worth Needs

We have high net worth clients around the world, so we understand that your financial goals are complex. For example,

do these 4 financial goals reflect your situation?

  • To preserve and grow your capital
  • To establish your estate planning so that your assets will be transferred to your heirs in the most efficient manner
  • To maximize all the financial benefits to which you're entitled
  • To ensure you'll be able to retire whenever you choose, and with the lifestyle you desire

We can help you with virtually any area of your financial life. And when it comes to the complex issues, such as trusts, estate planning and tax planning, we can offer you a wide range of experience and global financial expertise. We understand your private wealth management needs, and we have the financial solutions to meet them.

A Dedication to Personal Service

Is your private banking adviser committed to serving your individual wealth management needs?

IFA-ASIA  provides investment advisers to meet high net worth investors' unique needs.
We are dedicated professionals making a determined effort to understand your financial situation and your wealth management goals. And we will work closely with you to individually tailor financial solutions to help you meet those goals.

We are your link to the various product providers and financial institutions with billions of dollars under management. We deal with institutions who have access to investments within the BIG names. Schroder, Templeton, HSBC, Fidelity, Gartmore, BlackRock are just some of the investment houses that we have access to.

Financial Solutions for High Net Worth Individuals

Below are just a few of the investment management, estate planning, and other wealth management solutions suitable for clients with considerable assets.

Transfer Management Services are available for clients of existing Financial Advisers who are no longer happy with the service they receive. A very simple transfer process will allow IFA-ASIA to take over the management of your investments - this is normally at NO COST to you.

  • Regular reviews and proactive portfolio management.
  • Great service from a trusted and recommended adviser.
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Discretionary Investment Management services are available to individuals who want an internationally diversified investment portfolio designed and managed specifically for their needs and their financial goals and who have investable assets of US$150,000 or more. If you believe in a long-term, conservative approach and you prefer to leave the management of your investment portfolio to an experienced professional investment manager, we invite you to contact us about this exclusive investment management service.

Full Service Investment Advisory is for clients who want to be directly involved in the decision making process. Working with IFA-ASIA you will receive professional service, sound advice backed by solid research and investment recommendations based on your specific needs. We will help you define and achieve your investment goals with a custom-designed portfolio.

International Trusts and Estate Planning may interest you for several reasons. An international trust could allow you to preserve your wealth against political, economic or personal uncertainty. It can allow you to transfer assets to your heirs in an efficient manner, in accordance with your wishes. Our trust and estate planning professionals will help you plan your estate with the utmost discretion and confidence. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of your wealth for the benefit of your family members and ensure peace of mind for you and your heirs.

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