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Investing For Growth........
Leaving accumulated wealth in a bank account over the long term may not achieve capital growth over and above inflation in the long term. Indeed, if interest payable on the account is lower than inflation then in real terms, you will suffer capital loss.  Whilst any investor must retain some cash for short-term needs, our aim is to help you manage wealth in a flexible and cost efficient manner, aiming to consistently outperform cash deposits and thus achieve real capital growth and/or income.

A sensibly balanced lump sum portfolio will include all the main asset classes; equities, bonds, cash, real estate and alternative investments. Weightings to these asset classes will depend on market conditions and your personal attitude to investment risk. We will carefully advise on the construction of a portfolio with these factors and others in mind. 

Key Features of Lump Sum Investments available:-

- A wide choice of global product providers

- Lump Sum structures available from US$50,000

- Alternative investments like wine, traded plans etc

- Access to the world's leading money managers through collective investment schemes

- Wide choice of assets including equity, bond, cash, property and alternative investments 

- Fund switching allowing you to manage risk and investment strategy as circumstances change

- Liquidity options; access to some investments at anytime without penalty

- Choice of fee structures allowing modeling of your investments to personal goals and timeframe 

- Automatic withdrawal facilities if required for regular income

- Personal valuation service (online service also available)

- Investments can be wrapped in Trust structures for tax planning  

- Can be used as collateral for international residential mortgage (with certain banks)

- Credit card facilities can be added with certain schemes


IFA-ASIA can advise on a wide choice of vehicles including investment bonds, nominee accounts and other structures.

Portfolio Management

We maintain close contact with you and offer regular updates and monitoring of your account to ensure that your investments are on track. Additional benefits such as online valuations, free or discounted switches, investment reports and market information are all available through IFA-ASIA.