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IFA-ASIA's Online Financial Health Check
We can provide an overview to your finances and advise you of areas that you should consider to look at in greater detail.
PLEASE NOTE:  This review is just a snap shot of your personal situation and your priorities based on your answers to 35 questions about your financial situation and this is not designed to replace a full financial review by an adviser.
To take the financial health check and receive an overview by email of the areas of your financial situation that should be looked into further, please rank your level of agreement with each of the following questions by selecting whether you agree or disagree with the relevant statement.

Please make sure you rank every question, and fill in your details at the end so we can get back to you with your results.

Qu1: We have a clear understanding of the amount and location of all of our assets and liabilities (including superannuation).*
We have clearly defined short, medium and long term financial and lifestyle goals.*
We understand how much income we will need in retirement and how much capital will be needed to achieve this goal.*
We have a plan and appropriate strategies detailing how we will achieve our retirement, financial and lifestyle goals.*
We are on target and confident we will achieve our retirement, financial and lifestyle goals.*
We actively plan and consider our overall tax position each year.*
We understand the taxation benefits potentially available through superannuation and retirement planning.*
 Qu.8 We act upon and implement strategies to take advantage of superannuation/retirement benefits where appropriate.*
 Qu.9 We understand the government benefits that are available to us (including superannuation incentives) and review these regularly.*
 Qu.10 Our investments and debt arrangements are structured effectively to minimise our tax liabilities.*
 Qu.11 Our investments are well diversified – in different asset classes such as stocks/shares, International funds and Property (for example).*
We understand the risks of different types of investments and take this into consideration before we act.*
 Qu.13 We treat our superannuation/retirement assets just like all other investments.*
 Qu.14 Our investments and investment approach incur very few management fees, transaction fees or ongoing charges.*
 Qu.15 The nature of our investments requires that we pay little tax on the earnings/profits.*
 Qu.16 We understand how much we are earning and how much we are spending each year.*
 Qu.17 Our expenses and taxes are less than our earnings and we have surplus income available for investment.*
 Qu.18 We have the discipline to use our savings for investments or debt reduction each month.*
 Qu.19 Our banking and finance arrangements are structured efficiently to minimise taxes and fees, and maximise other potential benefits.*
Our banking and finance arrangements are suitable to our current situation and cash flows.*
 Qu.21 Our loans have been reviewed in the last 12 months and are provided on competitive rates, fees and terms.*
 Qu.22 Our credit card(s) are under control and don’t usually incur interest or cash advance fees.*
If I was to die tomorrow, my family would be comfortable as our assets and life insurance could pay off debts and leave enough money to live comfortably.*
My Will is up to date and has been reviewed recently.*
 Qu.25 If I die, I am confident my assets would pass efficiently to my intended beneficiaries.*
 Qu.26 I have an up to date enduring power of attorney in case I am unable to make decisions for myself.*
 Qu.27 We have 24 hour access to cash funds in case of emergency and sufficient to cover at least three months of living expenses.*
 Qu.28 If I couldn’t work because of illness or injury, I have enough insurance, assets or other income to look after myself and family and retain my current lifestyle.*
 Qu.29 We actively manage, review and refresh our financial goals, financial plan and financial strategies.*
 Qu.30 We keep up to date with investment markets, economic issues and changes in government regulations and laws.*
 Qu.31 We frequently review and refresh our investments (including superannuation/retirement). We try and get the most out of our investments.*
 Qu.32 We have a high level of financial skills, knowledge and understanding.*
Qu.33 We aspire to have a higher level of financial skills, knowledge and understanding.*
We receive financial coaching and guidance from someone external to us such as an accountant, financial planner or informed family friend.*
  Qu.35  We update our financial awareness through reading financial newspapers, journals, books and other material.*

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