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Education Planning

It can cost over $500,000 to fund a child through private education and university. It is therefore vital for parents to address the issue at an early stage. Fees for International Schools in Japan are in the region of ¥1,800,000 to ¥3,700,000 per annum per child. Costs can therefore be significant, especially if one considers the additional cost of university fees, which can increase dramatically for overseas students.

US Universities fall under two major categories: public (state supported), and private (independent) institutions. International students’ tuition expenses at state schools are based on nonresident costs, which are still usually less expensive than those of private universities. It’s important to note that the cost of a program in a US school does not necessarily affect its quality.  

The tuition fee is different for different universities and varies widely with courses. It can vary from as low as $5000 a year for state universities to as much as $50,000 per annum for some private universities. For more specific details, please contact the universities.

Education Fees planning is not an exact science, but if we use sensible and conservative assumptions, this should take a large part of the potential burden away from you when college starts. Ultimately, your disposable income will dictate the funding levels on an annual basis.IFA-ASIA offers an illustration and planning service that will allow parents to plan for the estimated education costs.

Raising Money to pay fees - Below are some funding options.

• From current income, savings or from an investment

• From a third party such as a grandparent

• To raise a mortgage or other loan against fixed assets

• To sell investments or assets to pay for school fees

• To take out personal loans to pay the fees

From a lump sum Investment

A wide range of lump sum investment options are available including secure and actively managed investments, which allow capital distribution. We will be happy to offer advice in line with your attitude to risk and the dates when fees are due.

From Regular Savings - Monthly, quarterly or annually

Consideration must be given to balancing the timing of payments and obtaining best value from your contributions. We also pay close attention to your current and future residency status to ensure flexibility and changes in your circumstances.

Protecting your payments

Most parents pay school fees from income. If the principal parental income ceases due to, accident or sickness, many parents find it difficult to continue funding education fees. There are a number of options designed to protect you against this risk.

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